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The academic year usually lasts 9 months and is divided into two terms (semesters).The first- and second-year students obtain thorough instructions in the fundamental sciences of mathematics, physics, chemistry and drawing as well as computer engineering and a number of others.The curricula are enriched and broadened by instructions in such subjects as foreign languages, history and economics.

In all the industrial countries standards of living are steadily changing; this means that the kind of education, which was good enough thirty years ago, is not necessarily good for them today.

The serious need to find ways and means of ensuring continuous and thorough adoption of the universities to contemporary needs in our rapidly changing world is widely recognized.

At present a new system of education is introduced in this country — a distance education system.

This computer system of learning helps working professionals to continue their education while remaining at their jobs.

This system enables people to get knowledge and a good foundation in the sciences basic to his or her field of study.

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Distance learning has developed over years from satellite video courses to modern videoconferencing through personal computers.

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