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The company’s focus on the driver that we lauded in the Mazda 3 has now been implemented in the Miata.So the heavy but smooth shifter is ideally positioned, while the narrowly spaced pedals are perfectly aligned underneath the thin, small-diameter wheel.Performance notwithstanding, the MX-5 is an extremely rewarding car to drive just in the manipulation of its controls.Weighing only 2309 pounds, the new MX-5 is 231 pounds lighter than the last third-generation car we weighed in 2009.It even has a 155-pound advantage over the carbon-fiber Alfa Romeo 4C, which used to be the lightest new car on the market that we’d actually want to drive.(No, the 2066-pound Mitsubishi Mirage does not count.) Yet the downsizing has not harmed cabin roominess, which actually seems to have improved from the last MX-5, even if Mazda’s interior measurements don’t show it.While anyone pushing six-and-a-half feet is still unlikely to fit in the car, a new seat design that’s closer to the floor and reclines a bit more opens the Miata’s fitment to larger people—and leaves the rest of us with more space to stretch out.

Our test car, equipped with the largest 17-inch wheels and the U.

S.-spec 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine, tipped the scales a mere 99 pounds heavier than our 1990 test car.

Say the words "new Miata" to anyone who cares about cars, and you've immediately got…

You don't have to ramp up in order to get people excited about it.

When Mazda launched the first Miata, it made no secret of its intention to clone the Lotus Elan, minus the puddle of oil on the garage floor.

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