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Still others use college as a kind of buffer between the highly structured military life they’ve led and our “every-man-for-himself” civilian world.But, the transition from the intensity of military life to a more self-sufficient civilian life can be overwhelming.In some ways, it’s similar to the experiences of laid-off workers: both groups may feel disoriented and suffer losses of identity and work-related friendships.But former military personnel report feeling not just disoriented, but deeply alienated from the rest of America; not just sad over the loss of friendships, but devastated over the loss of brothers and sisters; not just a temporary destabilizing of identity, but a complete identity crisis.While it’s true they’ve received extensive training during their years of service, it’s often fairly narrow in scope and not immediately translatable to civilian employment.The answer for a record number of new veterans is higher education, for several reasons.

Many torturous nights on third shift forced to watch bad tv at lunch.(shipmates) Chris knew the show was awful and he made up for it with the dryest of humor and absolutly artful delivery. No matter the script, or scene, or whatever "they" have him do I am sure I will enjoy.

With our military out of Iraq, and funding for global military operations on the decline, thousands of newly discharged men and women are trying to figure out “What’s next?

” Most of our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors joined the military before their 21st birthday, and it’s often the only job they’ve ever held.

Some veterans hope college will ease their discomfort.

But whether they enter a small community college or a large state university, new challenges await.

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