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Those results were consistent for all age groups and genders.” Now let’s clarify, so we can’t be misunderstood in the comments section*: 1. For people living with relatively low incomes, money can buy happiness for a while. If you weren’t interested in love, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. If anything, I’m just reiterating what you already know – life with love can be really, really nice – that’s why you ended up on a dating coach’s site.Yet the longer someone gets used to having more cash on hand, the more it loses its luster.” I thought this paragraph did a great job of summing up a possible reason that married people are happier, despite the possibility of divorce – they’re wired that way (just like extroverts, by the way): “This doesn’t negate the survey results that show higher happiness rates among married people.

“A study from the University of Florida highlighted a relationship between the skills that people bring to a marriage and people’s anticipation for how much marriage will improve their lives.

If partners have overly high expectations for marriage transforming their lives into in a joyous wonderland, they need to have the relationship skills to match.

Rather, it has led some psychologists to conjecture that married people are merely more inclined toward happiness since they’re happier to begin with.

Humans are predisposed to certain happiness ranges depending on their genetics, personality and life circumstances.

Also, happier people are generally more social, and it follows that people who actively socialize will be more likely to meet someone they’d like to marry.” Finally, the article points out that marriage isn’t a panacea and doesn’t, in and of itself, create happiness.

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