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Eventually, Mrs Caresimo agreed to pay the bailiff £650 in “outstanding fines” to prevent them taking her Volkswagen Golf away.She said: “It was unbelievable and just came completely out of the blue.If I had not paid the money and retained my car I was told that this week it would have been auctioned off.“The bailiff actually asked me to clear the car out.A mum's car was clamped by bailiffs after she was accused of failing to turn up at court over a dropped cigarette butt - even though she does not smoke and had never been to the town where the incident happened.

She said: “They apologised to me and I was told a woman called Emma Smith from Liverpool had dropped the cigarette – my maiden name was Smith.

“It seems there’s been some sort of administrative error and my name somehow got brought into it, presumably because the person being accused was an Emma Smith which used to be my name.

“It’s frightening that someone can turn up at your door demanding your car with a story that is incredible.

“But a Gwent police officer who turned up did some inquiries and found the bailiff was legitimate.

“It was totally bizarre and very distressing, especially with my child there too and all the neighbours wondering what was going on.

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