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The plus is that you can still drive with the wonky TRS but it's uncool when you're going up a hill and it kicks into a different gear. Another thing is that the door handles suck and are really weak.I've had my two indoor backseat handles break off and those ironically cost more to fix than the actual TRS.Other than this bs this car has been really trusty with no other issues.Which is good, because it already has a constant and unavoidable TRS problem.

Found he was right for at 7200 miles it started not shifting in the lower gears.

I had to manually move the automatic shifter into 3rd.

If you can put up with paying 300$ every year for a new TRS than this car is fine for you. Not even for a new driver because what kind of teen has that kind of money to dish out?

This car didn't look bad, run bad, but was nothing but problems! My girlfriend bought this car used before we were dating and it was a total bust.

It didn't last her 3 years and died from a bad head gasket or similar at 86,000 miles.

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