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Swing dance speed dating dating game naruto fanfiction

Swing Dancing is best done on the social dance floor!Go to class, learn technique and build vocabulary, but then go let loose and express yourself freely in our social dance evenings!Make those moves your own, build your style and experience the art of dancing as a mean to express yourself and transcend the simple execution of the moves you learned in class!The Studio 88 Swing is a public place where you need to be open-minded in order to learn new things with people who share your passion for dancing!In terms of dress code, it depends on the night, but most our social dances are open in that sense, welcoming different styles of clothing, very relaxed or as eccentric as you would like it to be.Sometimes, we announce theme-nights, in which case we encourage dancers to dress vintage with a specific aimed-era to be inspired by!Make sure you wear shoes in which you are comfortable.

And we especially believe in giving high-quality classes by taking pride in the serious techniques taught while having a tremendous sense of humour.

In order to achieve this, however, we have some expectations from you whether it is at our dance studio or on the dance floor of our amazing events: Should you experience any unpleasant situation, witness or live harassment of any kind, please bring your concerns to the Studio 88 Swing owners: Annie or Didier.

Anything you will disclose will be strictly confidential.

Remember: the courage of your words can save others from living the same unpleasant situation!!!

All our social dance nights are beginner-friendly and therefore welcome all levels of dancers.

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