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We, the Israeli told me, face the horrific death of our loved ones; then we have to continue to be reminded of the depraved joy of our neighbors as they worship our murderers as heroes.Imagine for a moment that after the tragedy in Orlando institutions, parks and sporting events would be named in honor of Omar Mateen.Imagine his wife given gifts and cash awards in the sum of tens of thousands of dollars.Imagine photos of Omar publicly displayed to inspire youth to follow in his footsteps. Yet terrorists in Israel – those who survive as well as those who perish – become instant folk heroes for martyrdom.

An Israeli friend put it best to me when he explained: Americans wept and mourned after Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 partygoers for the sake of a misguided and evil cause to which he pledged himself. But thank God Americans are spared one final indignity which inevitably follows the acts of terrorism unleashed against us Israelis.

Americans do not have to endure the subsequent glorification of their killers by the society around them.

Two terrorists were involved in the Tel Aviv bloodletting. The Palestinian Authority immediately took upon itself the payments it makes to those participating in these “acts of glorious resistance.” The PA pays large bounties to the attackers and their families.

A terrorist can go out to commit murder assured that if he is arrested he will receive a monthly salary.

If he is killed, his family receives a monthly pension.

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