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Our Sex life is also great and we enjoy it very much rather I can say our sex life is much better than an average Indian sex life. The saree too was highly transparent; I could see her bouncing big melons through it.

We enjoy every bit of it and both of us sexually teases each other regularly which make our sex. I was shocked by seeing her and my heart is stopped its beating. are completely covered by her thin transparent saree.

But, I did not want to make him know that I was aware that he indeed had fucked my wife, as I desired and Chandni should enjoy with him as long he stayed with us.

By that time, we neared a bus stop and Sunir asked me to drop him at the stop and I obliged him. 'He had two fingers in my cunt and he said he was delighted that I was ready for fucking.

While leaving I told him to go for lunch to home as Chandni would be waiting with lunch prepared . He said my juices could make my asshole slick the words felt so foreign on her tongue and her voice felt strangely erotic . friends and they become integral part of your life.

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I'll explain later but continue telling me exactly what they said and did to you.' The guy in front of me h-had his hand on she pointed, unable to find the right word then I felt two fingers in my, my,' she panted. This story is all about such relations which turned into some serious.

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