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To automate a test case, link it to a coded test method.You can link any unit test, coded UI test, or generic test to a test case.You’ll want to link a test method that performs the test described by the test case. The results of automated and manual tests appear together.If the test cases are linked to backlog items, stories, or other requirements, you can review the test results by requirement.Create a build definition that contains just the location where your assemblies are shared.Then create a fake instance of this build from the developer command prompt: Tfs Create /collection: /project: projectname /builddefinition:"My Build Definition" /buildnumber:"Fake Build_1.0"Specify the build definition in your test plan.To run your automated tests tests using Microsoft Test Manager, you must use a lab environment.

If you have multiple build configurations, the test assemblies to run the automated tests are searched for recursively from the root directory of the build drop folder.

If it is important which assemblies are selected when you run your automated tests, you should use Run with options to specify the build configuration.

(If you’ve used lab environments for manual tests, notice that automated tests must have a machine for the client role.)Start automated tests the same way you do manual tests.

In Microsoft Test Manager, choose Testing Center, Test.

Then select a test suite or an individual test and choose Run.

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