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And when you’re in a relationship with one, everything is off the record. Reporters can act fast, redirect questions and problem-solve on the fly. If you’ve ever wanted to hobnob with the mayor and other local celebrities, dating a reporter helps. That itself sounds terrifying, but I promise you there’s more than meets the eye. In order to spend time writing or documenting a piece, a journalist usually has some bit of interest in the topic he or she is writing about. Journalists may not always encompass photography skills or even genuinely enjoy photography, but overall it falls within the lines of what journalists do: document. They develop skills needed to communicate with all types of people in order to develop the best story possible. A relationship would be nothing without communication. Every comma, every period, every grammatical error sticks out like a sore thumb. Although I may be biased, journalists are great companions to share life with.

radar.” They expect honesty and transparency — and know how to find out the truth if it’s not being told. Reporters are usually self-employed and have flexible schedules.

If punctuality is your thing, a reporter won’t let you down.

Your date will be up on all the local news and current affairs. Successful reporters (like the one you’re dating) are ambitious and aren’t afraid to take risks. Related to #6, your date might even make the first move. Reporters make great dates to parties and family events, as they’re great at asking questions and engaging others in conversation. Your date will always have interesting stories to tell.

Your date will remember your birthday, the way you like your coffee, and that promise you made her last week.

Reporters are passionate communicators, excited to share stories with a wider audience.

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