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Until this point, Ren and I have emphasized the individual aspect of social skills.We have written about the actions you can take and the mindsets you can adopt in order to be comfortable and have fun in various settings.These are important skills, but they are only part of the picture. For instance, suppose you are hosting a party where your guests don’t all know one another, and the challenge is to engage your guests and help them feel comfortable mixing among strangers.While you cannot guarantee that everyone will have a good time, you can take meaningful steps to help out.Read the rest of this entry » Recently I’ve been asking a question that always takes my friends aback: am I a good girl or a bad girl? The girl who has a Github repo or the girl who has a social skills blog?In asking, I never define the terms, so my poor respondents are left considering the vast social and sexual minefield between good and bad. As expected, the responses I receive depend heavily on the context in which I know the person.

But dressing well is not fundamentally about buying expensive brands or donning outlandish getups. Where is the line between body-skimming and skin-tight? And what about all those trends – the baggy jeans trend, the oversized sweater trend, the boyfriend shirt trend – that seem predicated on, if anything, anti-fit?

I firmly believe that you can wear a hoodie every day and look put together, so long as it’s 1) the right fit for your body type and 2) of a consistent formality with the rest of your outfit. Read the rest of this entry » A high school classmate once told me that I was arrogant and that nothing I said or did could convince her otherwise.

I mention fit first because it’s both obvious and difficult. This all changed one weekend when I ran into her at the rock climbing gym. And the more she showed me, the warmer we both became. My grandfather once told me that if you want to relate to someone, ask him a question.

She was working through some of the more challenging paths while I was struggling to figure out the easier ones. Ask him to explain something to you, to teach you how to do something.

By doing so, you acknowledge that you have something to learn from him.

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And by demonstrating that you are eager to learn from others, that you find others interesting, you communicate openness and respect for what they do.

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