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They are viewed more as objects to be used by men and discarded at will.Many women in these countries are waging a silent war for their own sexuality.Not content to stand in a man’s shadow, the new generations of Ukrainian and Russian women are secretly allowing their sexuality to come forth in the hopes that one day their countries will come to more liberal terms about sex and the woman’s role.Furthermore, Western men tell that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss Western men, and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman is into you or not.That makes the cross-cultural communication more complicated, in my opinion.I attended a seminar on Language & Sexuality at the university in Frankfurt, thus I am trying to tell you, guys, in academic way why the Ukrainian and Russian lady’s attitude towards sex life in a marriage is a cultural issue and why talking about sex and sexuality in Russia and Ukraine is still a big taboo.

Unfortunately, Russia and Ukraine have not changed much in their attitudes towards women.

Women in these two countries are often not respected or highly valued.

Dear friends, Today, we talk about one of the most scrupulous issues about which everyone is thinking but afraid to speak, namely: Ukrainian and Russian ladies’s attitude towards sex in a relationship and marriage.

No one will deny that the subject of sexuality in each relationship plays a major role.

And I am sure harmony in sexual life is the (romantic) key to a happy relationship.

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