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Loving, kind & compassionate woman of God striving to make it to the kingdom of heaven. Looking for a gentleman and gentle man who has a sense of humor and can see the silliness and absurdity of many facets of life. Sometimes I feel like getting in the car and driving until I run out of gas! I am looking to meet like minded individuals in Christ Jesus.(At gas prices now, I have to think about it twice! Being able to talk about any and everything is very important to me. I'm an old fashion woman, who loves the outdoors. I am an independant woman that works three jobs, I work three job due to prices rising like crazy on the basics of live.) I don't fish, but enjoy sitting in a boat while someone else does the work. I am a down to earth southern girl living in the Midwest. When I am not working or traveling, I love spending time with my son, working out, spending time with family and relaxing. I am a woman of God who loves the Lord with every thing in me Christ is the center of my life.. I'm pretty independent, but does that mean "stubborn "? Rifle season is my favorite, but I also do bow season. like food, rent, and other things all humans can't live without. Now, all that I have written thus far may seem alien to those old enough to remember Burnham and Rodney, and stranger than fiction to generations that know nothing of that period in our history or the personae in a real-life-and-death drama that stained Guyana with buckets of blood. Rodney was a Guyanese patriot, the consummate Caribbean Man, and a leader who, had he lived, might have healed the racial divide that has haunted Guyana’s politics for much longer than it has T&T’s.His book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is a classic in colonial and post-colonial politics and economics.

I do all I can to walk in Christian love and I am only willing to deal with some who does the same. Try to fit the pieces together; but perfection is my enemy.

Although I am patient, my Boaz should be the spiritual leader.

That being said I need him to be spiritually mature, confident in being the called of God, clear in his role and actually walking in it.

By Raffique Shah February 24, 2016 The findings of a Commission of Inquiry into the murder of Guyanese intellectual and political activist Dr Walter Rodney, 36 years ago, are an indictment not only against the Forbes Burnham dictatorship that ruled Guyana for 21 horrible years, but also other Caricom governments and countries that never condemned Burnham’s atrocities.

To alert our insular minds to occurrences other than Trinidad and Tobago’s economic woes and its runaway crime, the Co I, which comprised three eminent Caribbean jurists (Barbados’ Richard Cheltenham, T&T’s Seenath Jairam and Jamaica’s Jacqueline Samuels-Brown), after listening to evidence from scores of witnesses, concluded that the Burnham Government had been directly involved in Rodney’s assassination by a bomb on June 13, 1980.

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