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Triple warmer sedating points speed dating event charleston sc

Please note:-Shared Care takes no responsibility for the safety, accuracy, style or otherwise of any external site to which we are linked and linking does not imply an endorsement of the linked site or its contents.Prune Harris demonstrates how to hold the acupoints that can help bring calm and balance to the Triple Warmer system.This is of great benefit to enhance your vitality, your immune system, to balance your hormones, and settle emotions. Stress of disease, pain, adverse chemicals in food, noise, lack of money (or maybe too much!

Many websites and magazines relate our inability to cope with it because we are no longer living in caves.

The theory is that in the good old days we would be fearful for a short time – say, when the sabre-toothed tiger was about to eat us – but have periods of calm in between (as in when we were eating the tiger.) The flight/fight hormones that are necessary for our survival had periods when they could drain out of our bodies.

Now, say the articles, we are subject to stresses 24/7, and the continuation of the flight/fight hormones create problems; either in keeping us hyper for too long or, if the situation is long term, damaging the mechanism that produces these hormones.

It boosts things like the release of the flight/flight hormones, and the creation of the white blood cells that gobble up pathogens in the blood stream.

But when the Energy Body is out of order, the Triple Warmer meridian can get confused.

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It starts attacking things that ought to be beneficial to us, which is why we have allergies and food sensitivities. I asked her if I could safely eat it if I sedated the TW. Another baggie stuffed down my waistband and a repeat of the exercise. For three or four days I picked another one or two substances I was having trouble with, visualizing a long session before all the foodstuffs were safe for me to eat but suddenly almost everything was accepted. Sedating the TW after the fact is not as effective as sedating it before hand but it still helps.

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