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First, refer to this guide for a list of common issues with your system that may be causing the crash.If the guide does not resolve this issue, post the issue in Pixelmon's support tracker.Most likely you don't have enough RAM allocated to Minecraft.If you have multiple versions of Java installed on your system, make sure that Minecraft is using your Java 8 installation (this can be modified by the "Executable" setting in your profile settings.

Because of disputes with the Technic launcher developers and the concept of the Technic launcher as a whole, Pixelmon is incompatible with the Technic launcher and causes this issue. See this page for possible solutions for this issue.

Use the Minecraft launcher or the Pixelmon launcher instead. You need to use your Minecraft account details to log into the Pixelmon launcher; you cannot use your Pixelmon forum account details here.

This is a list of frequently asked questions about Pixelmon.

The questions are distributed into different sections based on the topics that they are related to.

To avoid redundancy with other articles, questions that can be easily answered by searching a related search term on the wiki will not be listed here. " can be answered by searching "Poké Balls" on the wiki.

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