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[read full article] Last month, the HTC 10 disappeared from T-Mobile’s web store, but it reappeared days later. If you point your browser at T-Mobile’s website and filter its phone selection to show just HTC devices, you’ll see that the Desire 530 is the only device shown.Trying to use a direct link to the HTC 10 in T-Mo’s store yields the same result. [read full article] The next T-Mobile Tuesday is still five days away, but you can find out what the gifts are going to be right now.Next Tuesday, August 16, T-Mobile will be giving away $15 to spend on any men’s, women’s, kids’, or experience purchases at You’ll also be able to get a one-year digital subscription to GQ or Allure and a free T-Mobile t-shirt. [read full article] Any T-Mobile customers lucky enough to be in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics are enjoying free unlimited high-speed data.The shirt will be available in two designs, and you’ll get … And today T-Mo announced that anyone traveling to the Paralympics will get the same.[read full article] If you’ve got an Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile, the time for you to update has come once again. Power today released its report on wireless purchase experience satisfaction, and while T-Mobile didn’t win, it did do fairly well. Power’s study measures six factors, which are (in order of importance): store sales representative; website; offerings and promotions; phone sales representative; store facility; and cost of service. T-Mobile is extending its offer of free unlimited high-speed data for customers in Brazil through September 18.

Never the less, this phone is perfect in any other aspect, the camera still makes one of the best pictures, super snappy with Android 6.0, never hangs and runs smoothly. My phone has 4.4 kit Kat original uprooted How can I get MM Note: I don't want to root my phone i'm having this device for a year.

I still don't want to change it, maybe v20, S8 or G6 will change my mind. after updating to m, it perform much more smoother, battery is getting better even tough only last for a day .. each time im trying to connect to a network, it suddenly disconnected.ideas?

You have to get the LG flashing tool then go to xda & download the marshmallow rom. A lot of carriers haven't pushed MM on the LG so you have to manually flash it mate.

After putting the Galaxy Note 7 up for pre-order earlier this month, it looks like T-Mobile is getting ready to start shipping units out to buyers.

Tmo News reader William pinged me today to say that T-Mobile charged him for his Galaxy Note 7 pre-order.

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