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Microsoft SQL Server supports triggers either after or instead of (but not before: an insert, update or delete operation.

Below follows a series of descriptions of how some popular DBMS support triggers.

In addition to triggers that fire when data is modified, Oracle 10g supports triggers that fire when schema level objects (that is, tables) are modified and when user logon or logoff events occur.

These trigger types are referred to as "Schema-level triggers".

(Before version 2.1, triggers on views deemed updatable would run in addition to the default logic.) Firebird does not raise mutating table exceptions (like Oracle), and triggers will by default both nest and recurse as required (SQL Server allows nesting but not recursion, by default.) Firebird's triggers use NEW and OLD context variables (not Inserted and Deleted tables,) and provide UPDATING, INSERTING, and DELETING flags to indicate the current usage of the trigger.

Database-level triggers can help enforce multi-table constraints, or emulate materialized views.

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