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Updating wii wiikey sandra dating ryan

The Wii is currently running on 3.1 #2 Now that your firmware is current lets get the wiikey going.Go to psx-scene and Download your wiikey config disc v1.3 (or 1.2).

When I first got my wiikey in I had no idea what to do so maybe I can help many other ppl who need help.

#1 So you modded your Wii well first off, I would say make sure you are running latest firmware for the Wii it self.

I don't mind people linking to it, not even in reviews, but please give due credit ;).

I want to thank everyone who contributes to the wiki very much. If you have any questions regarding the different mod chips or etc.

When everyone pitches in and adds the community can grow and we all benefit! you can try to find the answers at the psx-scene forums page.

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So a big thank you to all contributers big and small. (if you have a Nintendo Wii with D2C chipset you need the new D2CKey mod-chip from the Wii Key team) Thanks to Some Firmware Updates are out.

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