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-To view all of the HCPCS headings at once, click on the HCPCS book bar. You are looking at CPT Section Sub Headings--there are 35.It will display the description of each Chapter heading (the book bar will also turn green and the triangle marker will appear over the HCPCS CODES spine) 4. This line helps keep you alerted as to where you are at in the program. Note you can return to the CPT Headings by clicking on the "H" or you can go into the codes that fall within any of the CPT Sub Headings.Just click on the numbers or the triangle that corresponds to the chapter headings that you want to see subheadings for. Just click on the arrow or the numbers for the codes you wish to see. Any notes that apply to the CPT Sub Heading range of codes can be viewed by clicking here./* numeric, decimal passes */ function validate_numeric($variable) { return is_numeric($variable); } /* digits only, no dots */ function is_digits($element) { return !Codes Unlike the ICD codes, that have 3rd digit category codes, usually followed by a 4th or 5th digit set of subcategory codes, the CPT (and HCPCS) codes only contain 5 digits.CPT codes are also known as HCPCS level I codes, whereas HCPCS codes are also know as HCPCS level II codes.This means that if a search returns a CPT and HCPCS code with similar descriptions, the CPT code super cedes the HCPCS code.

Note the CPT Book bar is blue and the CODES book spine has the 'You are here' triangle marker above it.

The default action for clicking on the CPT Book bar button is to display the Surgery code headings.

Here's how the CPT and HCPCS codes are organized visually:1.

The CPT Section Headings are accessible from this bar and consist of the six major sections-Evaluation and Management through Medicine, plus the Category II performance measurements and Category III Emerging Technology codes.

-Click over any of the icons or section text to display the chapter headings for that section 2.

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