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Validating quantitative data triangulation model interracialdating org uk

A design that emerges is one that is not finalized at the outset.Strategies fordata collection are open and depend on context.Revisions are made until the researcher issatisfied that the direction taken affords the greatest potential for discovery, meaningfulanswers to questions posed, or the generation of new hypotheses (or questions).

What may start as a case study may indeed develop into a design that moreclosely resembles a phenomenological study (described later).

For this reason, this chapter isorganized somewhat differently.

Their thinking generatesquestions that are answered with an emergent methodology, and their approach to rich sourcesof data requires creativity for its analysis.

Such divergent (outside the box) thinking is apparent in the tasks of designing and analyzing qualitative research.

This will become clear in thischapter when we focus on how researchers analyze qualitative studies to extract the mostmeaning while ruling out alternative explanations.

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Emergent designs in the tradition of qualitative research suggest a process that is notpredetermined.

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