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Provisioning additional space is often hard to do quickly, and performing an offline compaction could take a long time.

The third concern, is to ensure that the non transactional I/O has both enough time to complete, and enough disk performance and throughput to meet the required service level agreement (SLA).

The Holy Grail is to take these three parts and find a balance in the design of the actual hardware to meet all four objectives. When a database LUN runs out of space, the databases on that LUN will dismount.

When a transaction log LUN runs out of space, it will cause all of the databases in that storage group to dismount.

Moreover, there are additional components which must be factored into the equation.

If a hard limit is not set on the mailbox quota, it is difficult to estimate the how much capacity you will need.

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The database size on the physical disk isn’t just the number of users multiplied by the user quota.

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