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Due to the surge of Canada-ness on ONTD what with the upcoming elections, here is a list of relatively obscure Teletoon cartoons.

There's also some guy who claims to have worked on the show, revealing that the original cast did in fact voice the unaired season 2 episodes in English way back then: PROOF4.) JOHN CALLHAN'S: QUADSBased kinda off the late cartoonist's John Callahn's life, where he was rendered quadriplegic after getting hit by a car while drunk in the street, this is probably one of the most non-politically correct series out there.

The animation is incredibly rough, with stark character designs.

This cartoon featured the typical grotesque character designs and wild colours.

It centres on a Mexican-Texan community of various insects, focusing on Carmen and her husband Paco (who are ants).

I remember the female butterfly character who carried around her boyfriend, who is a motionless silent cocoon that wears sunglasses.2.) CAPTAIN STARA British-Canadian production that starred Richard E.

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Grant (of Spice World fame) as the title character.

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