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Even more so, booths sell new and unique kinds of street foods with a special twist: soju cocktails, cup sushi, unique spicy noddles, and much more.Since these booths are not trying to generate significant profit (more for the pride of their clubs or departments), you can enjoy any of these foods at a reasonable price.

What makes these drinking booths more fun than your typical outdoor drinking spots is if you want to meet people other than the company you came with.

Some booths can arrange a ‘shared table’ with other people. ‘Shared Tables’ has increasingly become one of the more popular attractions due to the nature of potentially meeting someone special.

Here we will share what to expect and how to have a great time at a Korean university festival.

Although there’s a common phrase that goes “university festivals start and end with drinking”, there are plenty of other things to enjoy during the day.

Walking around the university, you will notice many booths promoting themselves.

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And if you love Korean street food, plenty of booths offer the staple dishes such as tteokpokki (spicy rice cakes), odeng (fish cake), soondae (blood sausage), and chicken skewers.

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