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And of course, any movie about the former first lady would not be complete without her iconic pink tweed suit.PHOTOS: Stars Who Have Played the President Re-creating the tragic morning of November 22, 1963 — the day John F.Kennedy was shot — Portman, 34, looked just like Jackie descending the steps of a plane in a line-by-line copy of the first lady's skirt suit.

Natalie Portman clearly has dancing skillz as seen in the (above) video where Natalie tap danced her little ass off at the Stage Door Manor Performing Arts Summer Camp in the Catskills, New York back in the early '90s.

On location in Maryland, Natalie Portman is the latest actress to bring Jackie Kennedy to the screen for the upcoming eponymous biopic.

” Carol Channing, now 95, originated the role in the ’60s when producer David Merrick had wanted Ethel Merman or Mary Martin.

That’s the story.” Puffed-up Bernie Socialist, who guarantees to defend our capitalist nation against Iraq? Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt, President Martin Van Buren, President Millard Fillmore? Stars are giving more than just their regards to Broadway. Ralph Fiennes is in London’s Old Vic playing the lead, Halvard Solness, in a juiced version of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s 1892 life and death and power masterpiece “The Master Builder.” Nobody confirms it’s coming here or when or where. Coming up, Bette Midler’s new hello to Dolly Levi in composer Jerry Herman’s “Hello, Dolly!

But to do that with the civilization’s surrounding toughness, to make that journey and survive it. Ability to work for us 24 hours a day — because he’s up making at least four bathroom runs a night. Choose Cruz who screws New York, home of President Franklin D. Also coming back is Ben Hecht and Charles Mac Arthur’s terrific play about newspapers, “The Front Page,” with always terrific Nathan Lane, who’s already done a workshop. Again, again it’s “The Glass Menagerie.” By now that glass is more than half full.

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His lone positive is the ability to always carry around the hot-button red phone in his pencil box.

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