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the combination of a parenchymal pulmonary lesion (Ghon focus) and a corresponding lymph node focus, occurring in primary tuberculosis, usually in children.Similar lesions may also be associated with other mycobacterial infections and with fungal infections., representing ventricular depolarization. It actually consists of three distinct waves created by the passage of the cardiac electrical impulse through the ventricles and occurs at the beginning of each ventricular contraction.In a normal surface electrocardiogram the R wave is the upward deflection; the first downward deflection represents a Q wave and the final downward deflection is the S wave.The Q and S waves may be extremely weak and sometimes are absent., attending the game BAFTAs for the first time, the prospect of snagging VIPs on the red carpet like some bloody pappo terrified me, so thanks - really, seriously, thanks - to everyone working in the Park Lane Hilton last night.Welcome to Daily Entertainment We feed the hunger for pop culture content, covering Entertainment and celebrity breaking News, Hollywood Rumors, gossip, fashion, sports, wags, celebs photos, videos, wikis and bios.There are gay rumors all over the web of the reggaeton king Daddy Yankee, after photos of a man that looks like him kissing another man appeared and were quickly diffused.AIDS-related complex (ARC) a complex of signs and symptoms occurring in HIV infection including fever, weight loss, prolonged diarrhea, minor opportunistic infections, lymphadenopathy, and changes in cells of the immune system.antigen-antibody complex here the complex formed by the noncovalent binding of an antibody and antigen.

Called also immune complex.anti-inhibitor coagulant complex (AICC) a concentrated fraction from pooled human plasma, which includes various coagulation factors.

It is administered intravenously as an antihemorrhagic in hemophilic patients with inhibitors to inferiority complex unconscious feelings of inadequacy, producing shyness or timidity or, as a compensation, exaggerated agressiveness and expression of superiority; based on Alfred Adler's concept that everyone is born with a feeling of inferiority stemming from real or imagined physical or psychological deficiency, with the manner in which the inferiority is handled determining behavior.1.

One abnormality of the QRS complex is increased voltage resulting from enlargement of heart muscle, which produces increased quantities of electric current.

A low-voltage QRS complex may result from toxic conditions of the heart, most commonly from fluid in the pericardium.

Pleural effusion and emphysema also can cause a decrease in the voltage of the QRS complex.female counterpart of the Oedipus complex in the male; a term used to describe unresolved conflicts during childhood development toward the father, which subsequently influence a woman's relationships with men.(1) The female counterpart of the Oedipus complex, in which a daughter perceives her mother as a rival and her father as the psychosexual source of nourishment(2) An infrequently used term describing a pathologic relationship between a woman and a man based on unresolved developmental conflicts partially analogous to the Oedipus complex in a man Psychiatry The ♀ version of the Oedipus complex, in which a daughter perceives her mother as a rival and the father is the psychosexual source of nourishment.

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Cf Delilah syndrome, Diana complex, Oedipus complex.

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