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: A minimum of eleven courses including AMST 0209, AMST 0210, AMST 0400, three AMST electives, four courses in a concentration designed in consultation with a faculty advisor, and AMST 0705 (senior research tutorial).Students writing honors theses will undertake an additional term of independent research and writing (AMST 0710).: Three AMST electives, two of which must be numbered 0200 or higher.These courses must be listed or cross-listed as AMST courses in the course catalog.Courses may not count toward both the elective and concentration requirements.: Students should normally take this seminar in the Fall of their Junior year.INTERDISCIPLINARY Division American Studies Environmental Studies Gender, Sexuality, Feminist Studies Independent Scholar Int'l Politics & Economics International/Global Studies Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry Neuroscience Writing Program African American Studies This program offers a minor in African American studies to students who complete the following requirements: (1) The following core courses, designed to offer theoretical perspectives and broad background: * AMST 0224 Race and Ethnicity in the US * HIST 0225 African American History (2) Two of the following courses, which are more focused explorations of a part of the African American experience: * AMST 0310 Livin for the City * ENAM/AMST 0252 African American Literature * HIST/AMST 0226 The Civil Rights Revolution (3) One advanced, relevant 0400 level course or an independent 0500-level project.Other appropriate courses offered during the fall and spring semesters, or during the winter term, may be substituted for courses in category 2 at the discretion of the program director.

This seminar will focus on the development of sophisticated research skills, the sharing with peers of research and writing in progress, and the completion of a substantial research project.

Those writing one-credit essays will complete their projects over the course of this tutorial.

When given the option to pursue independent research projects in these courses, students are expected to choose Africa-related topics to contribute to their minor: ECON 0425 Seminar on Economic Development ECON 0465 Special Topics in Environmental Economics FREN 0394 Black and Beur Expression GEOG 0210 Geographical Perspectives on International Development HIST 0105 The Atlantic World: 1492-1900 HIST 0109 History of Islam and the Middle East, Since 1453 HIST 0225 African American History HIST 0263 Religion and Politics in Islamic History HIST 0427 Diaspora and Exile HIST/GSFS0438 Readings in Middle Eastern History: Women and Islam MUSC 1066 The History of the American Negro Spiritual PGSE 0330 Aesthetics of Urban Poverty in Literature, Film, and Music PGSE 0375 Colonial Discourse and the "Lusophone World"PSCI 0209 Local Green Politics PSCI 0258 The Politics of International Humanitarian Action PSCI 0330 Comparative Development Strategies RELI 0150 The Islamic Tradition RELI 0272 African American Religious History RELI 0359 Issues in Islamic Law and Ethics: Questions of Life and Death SOAN 0211 Human Ecology SOAN 0267 Global Health SOAN 0468 Success and Failure in Global Health and Development Projects SOAN 0340 The Anthropology of Human Rights SOAN/RELI 0353 Islam in Practice: Anthropology of Muslim Cultures *Courses offered during the winter term may apply to the minor.

(3) One advanced seminar course (0300- or 0400-level, depending on the department), or a relevant, independent 0500-level project (at the discretion of the program director).

Other courses offered during the fall, winter, or spring terms, or at affiliated institutions abroad, may be substituted for the above listed courses at the discretion of the program director.

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