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Since that statute was enacted in 2003, it has been a second-degree felony for any employee of any given school district to have sex with any student in that district, regardless of that student’s age.The exceptions are if the student and district employee are married before the sex begins, or if the couple has a pre-existing sexual relationship when the employee was hired by the school district and the younger of the two is seventeen or older.it was meant only to apply to students seventeen years old and younger.(Much has been made of the fact that Dupuis got an MFA in poetry, and rightly so.) As the band gears up for a tour supporting the Girls Rock Camp Foundation, spoke to Dupuis about the fallout from the band’s safe space hotline initiative, changing gender attitudes and norms, and progressive children’s animated shows. HG: I really liked your record feature for Band of the Year. Today I just did five interviews: one’s with you guys, and one’s with . Hello Giggles: I went out and saw the band play when you toured Los Angeles, with Alex G opening; I was in the front row and was probably creepily staring at you the entire time. When that stuff happens, and I haven’t been home in a while and have a day in my pajamas, like a regular sh-tty Sunday when you have a day job — I’m not gonna wear underwear, I’m gonna eat gross sh-t under a blanket all day — but my wearing pajamas day is now doing a phone interview with . SD: I was nervous about this too because I like this website! No, sometimes it’s hard to have a lot of perspective on it, because we spend so much time away from home and touring. And Annalise [Domenighini, the writer] was like, “We’ll look into it.” HG: Maybe you can take a screenshot. It’s actually like the Drake song though: “Sh-t don’t come with trophies.” HG: You can make your own trophy. SD: I feel like if I did, I’d have to knit it out of cat hair or something equally shut-in and sad. I’m so nervous to interview you; I’ve been reading and following you and the band all year.

/ I’m the one worth seeing“) but cathartic (“Is it getting old sealing all your kisses with poison? It’s hard to see what that amounts to when you’re on tour; you’re just doing your thing every day, meeting people who support you, and feeling grateful for that. HG: I spoke to Ijeoma Oluo, a pretty prominent feminist writer and activist, and she said something like, I realized that I was saying the right stuff when people were going, “Actually,” and then it’s like you’re reaching a large enough audience that people can have opinions about you. SD: Sometimes it can be stressful to read extensive spam, but then sometimes they’re only spamming because you touched a nerve, and it’s clearly a nerve that needs some healing.

“) lyrics, and melodies that hook into the core of your brain. So we’ve kinda been away for the past bunch of months, and I just got home last night.

According to an admittedly unscientific survey by Houston PR firm Drive West Communications, Texas has the most incidents of illegal teacher-student sex of any state in the nation.

(Alabama is head of the class for this dishonor on a per capita basis.) Drive West, helmed by Terry Abbott, a former Houston Independent School District press secretary and later U. Department of Education chief of staff, found that were 179 such Texas incidents last year, up 27 percent from three years before.

Abbott admitted that his survey is based on published media reports rather than official crime data, hence the unscientific nature of the survey.

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