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Who was jennifer aniston dating before brad pitt Live chat cam malaysia adult

But my favorite couple moment for you two was when Angelina appeared on stage to help legendary actor Sidney Poitier to the podium, and then announced the nominations for the Best Director category. He couldn’t have looked happier, watching you, his love, on stage being so gracious and professional.While you two showed off your magnetic chemistry on screen in clearly the sexual chemistry off-screen is still just as intense.But last night’s Oscars gave insight into something much more enduring about you two — you have fun together.

Instead, here you are eight years later, with six kids — one, Maddox, a teenager — an engagement rock, and two careers that have actually become seriously distinguished.

At last night’s epic Oscars, you two looked completely happy and comfortable on the red carpet, holding hands and with Brad’s arm protectively around your shoulders, Angelina. Angelina, you were sighted holding Brad’s hand in your seat, then when your face appeared in a film montage on screen, Brad kissed you on the head.

When Brad’s , which he produced, won the Oscar for Best Picture, Angelina, you gave Brad a big lip kiss for his huge achievement.

You’re a dedicated UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador who has visited refugees in war-torn countries, you directed the award-winning film .

But last night, you were smiling and laughing non-stop.

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When Ellen De Generes pulled out her camera to take a celeb-packed selfie, and asked Brad to join in, you hopped up and added your grinning face to the picture too.

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