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To stop people coming in trying to solve a question that seems to be "unanswered" you should post your resolution as an answer and accept it.This will also help other users find the answer easier should they need it.As commenters above suggest i Tunes will only backup configuration files and whatnot.All content is supposed to be available in the i Tunes library with which the i Pod syncs, so i Tunes will happily erase it, leaving to you the "burden" to restore stuff after the update.In my case I solved the problem using Sharepod to get content off the i Pod before updating.Sign in Create a New Account Create a Station Add Variety View Recently Played Tracks View Artist Bios and Lyrics Edit Station Edit Shuffle Edit Thumbs Delete Station Sort Stations "I'm tired of this track" Change the audio quality Set The Sleep Timer Using the Alarm Clock Bookmarks and Purchasing Music Sharing Adjust Volume Disabling Feed Notifications Disabling Push Notifications Running Pandora in the background Pausing the music or skipping a song while Pandora is running in the background Quit or Sign out Uninstalling Pandora Update your i OS My Pandora App Disappeared Sign in After launching the app, enter the email address and password you used to register with Pandora and press Sign In.If you do not know your password, tap Forgot password?i Tunes should back up the data before updating the firmware and restore it again afterwards (this is what it does with an i Phone) To be absolutely sure you can right click on the i Pod Touch in the tree and select Backup to create a manual one before updating.

When i bought my Mac Book Pro n 2010, I purchased i Work 09 and had it preinstalled on the computer.

How do I reinstall i Work without having to buy it again? Erase All Content & Settings - and now nothing works.

I tried the advice on this forum, i.e., turn the phone off, connect to the white apple cable while pressing the home key.

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I have an i Pod touch (not mine) connected to my PC (authorized and linked to the same account of the i Pod's owner). Right clicking on the i Pod and selecting "Backup" runs too fast, I don't think it copied the whole 3Gb over.

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