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He did not become a tough businessman or business owner, did not save money, and family affairs not much that.However, for ten years now Dmitriev runs a small park in the center of the campsite, but is it a career?

“Take pictures, and even closer image, closeup take” – with tears thought Vera.

Age like as not critical until retirement yet oh-oh-oh how many, but drat, the morning began to come to mind sad thoughts. Once everything in life does not take place, did not happen.

Wincing and groaning, Vera pobrazgala water his armpits, and then just sat down, legs spread slightly and very carefully began to wash the genitals. Moving look at the camera, she noticed that her lens slightly moved.

Something – how to handle it, she turned off the water and began to rub the washcloth medleno his body entirely covered with “goose bumps.” Lathered neck, then chest, something – like rubbing his back, abdomen, buttocks, she had wanted to wash off the soap, but the girl shouted: - Wash your armpits, and your dirty ass. – The last words of coarse girl winced, but began to carry out the order.

Yes she did not care, though to get out of this nightmare. Wincing and grimacing, Vera managed to tear off their dirty panties and removed from the body and. When bast was ready, Vera switched water shower and is overwhelmed by the flow of water so cold that her body twitched, catching his breath.

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